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  • q-iconHow important are supplements? (all kinds, protein included)

    Supplements aren’t that important. A whole food diet can deliver most of your needs, and learning this can help with your future mindset when achieving your fitness goals. Nutrition, training and mindset are the three big factors I would recommend focusing on.

    There were not many supplements back in the day and they had very impressive, dense bodies! Of course there are exceptions to this, I recommend certain supplements with my private clients all the time due to health issues, lifestyle and certain goals. That being said, I think supplements can help certain populations.

    Protein supplements can be very beneficial for busy people, people on low calorie intakes or very high calorie intakes (endurance, pro body builders etc). I recommend the use of Whey Concentrate or Micellar Casein. I use Micellar Casein myself because it resembles real food and has a steady flow of amino acids throughout the day. You don’t need to buy big brands, because most of the time they are a rip off. You don’t need the next marketed hyped, ultra filtered, pre-digested protein, this is a waste of money.

    That being said, athletes and physique competitors have different, special requirements when it comes to supplements, and varies case by case. This is because anything that can increase positive reactions within the body will have a a distinct advantage in competition.

    Vitamins and minerals can be beneficial for people on low calorie diets, vegetarians/vegans, health issues or people that enjoy a more relaxed and flexible nutritional plan. Before using vitamins in tablets forms with private clients, I usually recommend some sort of Green Drink, which are vegetables, fruits and herbs that have been powdered. This is more beneficial because of the natural balanced nutrients and added Phytochemicals found in vegetables and fruits. A Multi-Vitamin can be beneficial to cancel out any stress or worrying, though I always recommend working with real foods to achieve this with my clients. Something to be noted though is to avoid having tablet form vitamins or antioxidants around and after your workouts, as they can slow down your bodies natural recovery to exercise.

    Fish oil can benefit everyone in my honest opinion (always check with your health professional though if you are using blood thinners or in the older population), they increase positive health markers, lower inflammation through out the body, decrease the risk of diabetes and several forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Eating fatty fish can help as well of course. If you use a Fish Oil supplement, I recommend refrigerating them to keep them fresh and avoid the fishy scent burps you might get. 🙂 There are other beneficial supplements but this is based on an individual needs and wants.


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