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I have transformed many lives around the world with my online fitness coaching programs, along with my Adelaide coaching services in Australia. I coach people to strive for their dreams by focusing on my four pillars of fitness success.

Training. Nutrition. Mindset. Action.

Here are 9 of the things I have learned while transforming my members’ bodies and lives… Online and Offline.

1. Low barrier to starting. Online fitness coaching is so easy to start; you are almost crazy not to. At Your Results Fitness, I love to see new members join and take action to improve their health, fitness and body image. I pride myself on speed of delivery, because I know fitness loves momentum.

2. Value for money. Professional services at the fraction of the cost of face to face coaching.
Instead of paying a newbie trainer at your local commercial gym to write up poorly programmed workouts, count reps and tell you to eat less with no practical advice. Or meeting with a nutritionist a few times before realising they are just giving you generic advice based on old beliefs from decades ago. Or a wellness or life coach, just to be bombarded with natural, organic health products or continuous motivational cheer leading to make you feel better… but you don’t.
Instead, you get a highly passionate and qualified coach, providing you professional support based on the four pillars of fitness success. I know this stuff works, all you have to do is make a start.

3. Education for life long success. I provide results and easy to understand information to clients so they can continue with their progress even after my coaching products or services have ceased. This is what most of my past clients rave about when they email or call me. They have learnt the knowledge and have the practical experience to continue their journey toward their own goals. In fact, many past clients joke about how they know more than the personal trainers in their gyms.

Do you think that would be valuable to you?

4. Fast tracking members’ previous efforts. I have found many of my members have worked hard to reach their goals taking months or years for little return. I fast track their previous efforts because I cut through all the overwhelming, inconsistent advice. I coach to my clients’ personal needs, and take steps to provide education that can be implemented immediately.
You want to lose 5kgs of fat you added since getting that new job? Want to get stronger in your sport or gym lifts? Want to add muscle and feel powerful? I can fast track all these goals using scientific, results-based coaching!

5. My guarantee changes lives. Since I have added my coaching guarantee, more clients have changed their lives. I am not exactly sure why but I think it is because it causes them to work harder and implement the program. You know why? Because if you don’t achieve any positive results at the end of my online coaching, you get your money back or I continue to coach you until you do! I want to help people that try and that work hard because I know that these sorts of people can achieve their goals with my help. Of course, I need evidence that they are implementing the coaching I provide them to offer this awesome guarantee. Tracking is the secret to achievement. When you track what you are doing, you know where you’re going and what to improve on. You won’t get your money back if you don’t implement the program. I believe that is fair. I am sure you do too.

6. Suboptimal training. I found members previous training wasn’t optimal for the goals they were trying to reach. Many were trying to get bigger, stronger and look good naked but they were using exercises that wasted energy compared to how much muscle they could have built. They were training with too little or too much volume; there is a sweet spot for each person. They were flat out not getting stronger and getting injuries as well. This is why you see so many people in the gym spinning their wheels but getting little results over months or even years. It breaks my ‘meat head’ heart! I transform their training so they reach their goals! In a short time they start seeing amazing results in their strength and therefore how much muscle they build!

7. Misinformed eating. I learnt over the years that people are very confused about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and what is healthy or not. It is understandable; so much misinformation is circulated around the internet. Now, this is done by two types of people/companies. Either, by people that are misinformed themselves and don’t realise they are giving out poor advice or by people that are pretty dubious. That is, they are trying to sell something by feeding on people’s vulnerability. Either way, it can hurt people. They can end up with food fixations, eating disorders or health problems due to deficiencies.
I cut through all the bullshit and coach you with scientific and evidence-based knowledge backed by years of experience helping people get results. You will begin to realise that you are safe with me.

8. People getting in their own way: If training and eating was so easy to get what you want, we would all be walking around with our dream body. Many people actually know how to do this, but what stops them? What is really stopping someone from NOT eating all the cookies, or dropping by the “drive-thru” to just get a “small treat” and ending up spending $15-$30? What is stopping someone visiting the gym 3 times a week? It is themselves. People, myself included, get in their own way to achieving success.
It is their mindset and beliefs within themselves holding them back. I coach you and have strategies in place to help you get past these walls. Though, at the end of the day, you really need to want the goals you strive for, you really want to change for the better, because it is you that is doing the work. It is your goals, it is your life and it will be your results!

9. My members take action. This is why my clients get such good results: they take action.
They come to me confused, not happy with their current results and are seeking guidance. They put their full trust in me and implement the things I suggest. They take that step of faith and enjoy the fruits of the belief in themselves… if they follow my coaching, the results will come.
This is the secret to all success: taking the first step and creating a success loop, building on it each day. I help people do this, if they need to start slow to build up to a powerhouse of awesomeness; I start with small actionable steps to get their intention muscles growing.
Take the step, or even better, jump into action. NOW!


I was amazed by Tom. The results I got from his programming of my lifts and correcting form & technique has exploded huge amounts of muscle growth! My lifting crew kept asking questions about my diet as well, now they are all getting coaching from Tom as well!

Dimitri Alexiou
Dimitri Alexiou Aspiring Bodybuilder

Tom helped a lot with my training and nutrition. As I am traveling in rural areas for my job as a Telco Rigger, I found it hard to keep a consistent workout and eating plan. He helped me drop many ideas I had going into the gym for the first time. I stopped copying everyone else in the gym and followed my set out training program based on using my whole body! Now I feel like a machine! No more ache and pains! Thank you man!

Jake Fuss
Jake Fuss Telco Rigger


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