Research-backed guidance for getting stronger, leaner, and smarter in and out of the gym and kitchen.

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The Four Pillars of Health and Fitness

These are the four pillars that will propel you towards your ideal body, health and fitness goals. We focus on these the most because they have the biggest impact on your goals. "Biggest bang for your buck", as it's commonly said. 

What pillar could you improve today?

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Ask yourself why

Get Stronger

Do you want to build more muscle? Do you want to increase the weight you can lift? Are you training for an event?

Get Leaner

Do you want to lose fat to show of your hard work? Do you want to learn how to eat and prepare food to achieve yours goals?

Get Smarter

Do you want to learn how to work smarter, so you don't have to work so hard for the same results? Education is the foundation to making any long term and positive changes in your life!

Live Longer, Pain Free

Do you want to live longer, with less health complications into the future? Do you want to live a relative pain free life?

Members Thoughts

My amazing members are loving my coaching and's what they are saying about what I love to do

Dimitri Alexiou

Dimitri Alexiou

"Tom helped me lose 16kgs of fat while teaching me how to lift like an athlete and get strong… with barbells! He wasn’t just a personal trainer to me. He was a coach, an educator, a friend, and sometimes my physio."

Jake Fuss

"My transformation started with a call with Tom. I thought I knew what to do because I have friends that have been working out their whole adult lives. Though, I got no where close to what I wanted and knew I could if i knew how. In this short call we talked about my wants, what I really wanted and why. Setting my goals changed my out look on the gym, and especially eating. After that he offered some practical pointers to help me get started in my new direction. I have been working with him ever since. Thanks again man! Your a top bloke!"

Jake Fuss


Get Started With These Free Resources

Each free download focuses on one pillar of health and fitness.
Which pillar do you want to improve today?


I'm Tom

Tom Sowden

Tom Sowden

Head  Coach & Founder of Your Results Fitness

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Get Started With These free resources

Each download focuses on one of the four pillars of health and fitness.
Which pillar do you want to improve today?

Beginner barbell program (6 months lifting experience recommended) [PDF]

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How to create and prepare the perfect meals for you... without the stress [PDF]

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