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Feeling stuck? Like everything is an uphill battle? Like starting is just too much effort…

“I just binged on [insert some “scary” food]… So why bother [insert a healthy behavior]”?

This thinking is very common in our society… it’s called ALL OR NOTHING THINKING!

I myself know what it’s like and how it can feel…

Three years ago I had an emergency groin hernia operation and it resulted in chronic nerve pain… The first 3 months I was bed ridden but forced myself to limp around with pain that was un-describable.

The sort of pain that caused the thinking “CUT MY LEGS OFF NOW”!

I kept on limping around though, because that’s what I was told to do!

By 9 months I was still in pain… like a burning knife was stabbing me and a constant tugging feeling. The doctors and specialists told me that it will settled down once the damaged nerves repair…

Not being able to do what I LOVE, which is lifting heavy ass weights, specifically squats and deadlifts! AND feeling useless and unable to work (I’ll get to one of the ways I corrected this in a little bit)…

Over the first one and a half years I suffered from ALL OR NOTHING THINKING….

The first four or so months I didn’t eat the way I should have for a few main reasons… I didn’t have much energy (sleeping was very hard) and to be honest wasn’t in the best mindset at the time… It was painful to prepare food, eat and go to the toilet… I was bed ridden for most of the time… and I couldn’t do what I loved so why BOTHER!

This can be so toxic to anyone’s mindset that it can take a long time to come back from…

One of the ways I got away from this kind of ALL OR NOTHING THINKING?

I wrote all my thoughts down… Whatever came in as negative thoughts I would write down or record on my mobile…

I would then correct that thought with a logical response!

All or nothing thinking: “Why bother eating the way I KNOW so well, when I can’t even walk properly?”

Corrected thinking: “It will increase my recovery, retain my muscle mass, and I will feel like I am accomplishing something other than just laying in bed feeling sorry for myself”

All or nothing thinking: “I am never going to be able to squat again, what’s the point in trying to do upper body exercises”

Corrected thinking: “I don’t know what will or not happen, I’ll do what I can and hopefully over time I’ll be able to complete body weight squats and after that with an empty bar and hopefully back over 200kgs AND then to the goal I set before all of this happened”

This thought exercise may take time to get used to and can feel like too much time and energy to do, but over time my awareness of my thoughts helped me to overcome my battles! I started being more proactive in the face of constant, draining pain and negative thoughts about the future.

I still have nerve pain… but it has subsided significantly. I still miss lifting heavy ass weights… But I am doing what I can do, with no or limited pain because it is better than doing NOTHING.

I am no where close to squatting the 240kgs goal I set after passing the 200kgs mark, but I will do what I can now and maybe one day I’ll get back to where I was and beyond. Just because I can’t do something I love now, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do the little things that could get me there…

I started my own online fitness coaching business during this time BECAUSE I believe adapting to major life set backs only make you stronger and I know I can share my love and knowledge with others to impact their lives for the better!

Want to stop ALL OR NOTHING THINKING? Get in contact with me now and I’ll help you.

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