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Fat Loss. Belief Changing, Life Changer.

One of my clients changed his whole life direction because he loss a great deal of body fat. A great deal of body fat that he thought he would hold for life.

No. It’s not because he became ripped, fit and powerful.

It’s not because he’s bursting with health and energy throughout the day.

It’s not because his success with the opposite sex has sky rocketed.

It is because his fat loss event changed his beliefs.

Limiting beliefs about himself and his body, melted away.

His self-image and beliefs about himself improved when he executed a blueprint given to him, to lose the body fat he has held his entire life.

“In every case, you will always perform in a manner consistent with the way you see yourself”- Brian Tracey

He looked like a “Chubby Kid”, seen as a “Chubby Kid” and was told he was a “Chubby Kid”.

He felt and believed he was a “Chubby Kid”, therefore he performed like a “Chubby Kid”.

Now, lets stop there and look at what I just said.

“He felt and believed he was a Chubby Kid, therefore he performed like a Chubby Kid”

Everyone in the world has a Self-Concept, it’s what runs our subconscious, like Windows or or iOS runs a computer or Iphone. Its made up of all our beliefs we have collected over the years since we were little children. These beliefs determine how we think, feel and act throughout our daily lives.

My client had a self-image of a “Chubby Kid”, his belief was that he would never be able to change this, because he truly believed that he didn’t deserve any better, like his DNA wasn’t capable of such a goal.

His belief caused him to think, feel and act like a “Chubby Kid”, therefore he was sedentary, watching movies and playing video games (because chubby kids aren’t meant to be active, he thought), he chose comfort foods and a lot of it (because to be chubby, you have to be in a surplus of calories per day), he stayed inside most of the time (because society looks down on fat people, he thought), and he waited until he was in his mid twenty’s before even challenging these actions.

This was his self-concept controlling his thoughts, which lead anchoring strong emotions to these thoughts that lead onto behaviors that were not useful to him, his health, his performance or his body composition and caused the vicious cycle a poor self-concept can create.

The start to his transformation? He challenged his beliefs! He knew his actions weren’t productive to his health or the way he looked. He started to dream, he started to focus on a positive future. He took one second and made a decision to take action! He looked for help. He found me. That’s all it took to get the snowball rolling and his never looked back.

 “He took one second and made a decision to take action!”

He had someone that believed in him, when sometimes he didn’t believe in himself. He surrendered to his excuses and dived deep into what he wanted in the future. We set goals he was passionate about. He put trust in me, my coaching and the process I set out for him. He saw it working week in and week out, and each week his negative “Chubby Kid” belief started melting away. He started to believe in the person he is today. The aspiring bodybuilder with the belief that anything is possible… In every part of his life.

What limiting belief is holding you back?

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