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“I could go to the gym after work today BUT…”

“I could cook a healthy dish tonight BUT…”

“I should really go to bed early tonight BUT…”

“I could make a positive change in my life BUT… but… BUT!

Sound familiar?

All of these “could”, “should” and “BUTS” could be the very thing holding you back from what you want to achieve in life!

When we know there must be an ACTION to close the gap between where we currently are to the place we want to end up…

When we know where to get the guidance… When we know how to begin now, to develop into the very person we want to be…

When we are almost there…


Almost like your subconscious is mind fucking you!

In this very moment… you’re trying to charge through a top limit, that YOU are holding yourself behind.

An old self-limiting belief that will try at all costs to keep you behind that very top limit line you want to cross, so you can level up in every sector of your life!

“BUT…” is just one of those mind fucks this pesky little limiting belief is throwing at you!

What is one of the best ways to conquer the case of “BUTS”?

With logic my friend!

And the more you use this logic game, the more it will become an automated process ticking away in your head… for the use of good!

It is called the ‘But-Rebuttal Method’.

BUT! I call it the ‘But-Rebuff-Do Method’.

Sounds 10 times cooler, yeah? Haha

I’ll give you an example of something I wanted to do, yet I was letting MY “BUT” hold me back. I used the ‘But-Rebuff-Do Method’ below to kick my ass into action!

But? Rebuff. Do! Process

In this example I was trying to talk myself out of investing into a self-development course that included a 3 day seminar for $5000.

I knew it would benefit me and everyone I interacted with in the future.

I knew I really wanted to go to the seminar and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I also knew it was a lot of my money for me at the time and didn’t want to waste the little money that I had at the time.

BUT, I had my “buts”.

I wasn’t sure about running out of my comfort zone and talking about past negative events in my life.

I wasn’t too sure about MYSELF. Was I going to implement this stuff? Do I trust myself to?

You can see all of my thoughts (cut down for example purposes) and how I REBUFFED all of my BUTS until I had NO MORE!

I brawled back against the BUTS and didn’t give up until my mind couldn’t logically argue with me… no more!

What did I do after all this back and forth? I understood myself a little bit better and invested in myself!

And to this very day… I am grateful I went to this seminar because it allowed me to start communicating myself to my loved ones more effectively, which of course has helped all of my relationships until this day!

So if you are the kind of person that argues with themselves over the things you know you should do. Try out this little fun game right now!

Draw out a two column table and start listing your BUTS one at a time AND then write out your logical REBUFF to choke hold that previous BUT into exhaustion!

Obviously keep going until your pesky mind runs out of any new BUTS or objections.

Happy BUT-REBUFF-DO’ing!

-Tom Sowden

PS. Another fun way to do something similar to this… especially if you are doing it inside your head with no paper, is to imagine your “BUT” voice is your 10 year old whining voice and your “REBUFF” voice is yourself when you are a parent (if you’re not already).

Many of laughs have been shared with my younger self on this exercise! haha

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