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Staying consistent is one of the most important keys to your fitness success… Or any success for that matter.

Without it… What you are actually doing looks more like a random pathway to randomness. Okay, that’s going a bit too far with my weak attempt at word play…

You really don’t have a plan… And if you do, you’re not following it to the destination you want to end up.

When you first begin your journey you need to set goals that you can aspire to.

Goals that you can train and eat towards.

Goals that can dictate your training, nutrition and recovery.

Without them, your just spinning your wheels and pissing in the wind. Not a very fun thing to do for weeks or months, let alone YEARS!

So if this sounds like you… Get a pen out right now and really think of the one top goal you want to accomplish this year.

Do you want to lose that extra 5 kgs you put on since you started that new job?

Do you want to build a little muscle to fill out your shirts?

Do you want to increase your strength?

Do you want to have more energy?

Write it down. Just one. and focus on that.

WHY do you want it? Attach an emotional need and mental movie of why and when you want this. Make it yours and I promise, if you add a good solid plan to get there… you will!

Keep reminding yourself about the why and what it means to you… Follow your plan… and enjoy the fruit of your labour and mental fortitude!

Happy lifting friends.

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